Why Did The Prophets Say What They Said?

The Eschatology of An Exclusive Israel with British-Israel Bible Notes.

This is the sequel to my first book, Why Did YAHWEH and His Son, YAHSHUAH, Say What They Said?  Hence, the title, Why Did The Prophets Say What They Said?

The Prophets made statements with regard to Eschatology that have been “Spiritualized” for over a Millennium. This has led to the belief not only in Universalism (the belief that YAHSHUAH died for everyone), but also in Replacement Theology, wherein the “Church” replaces “Israel” and is now the inheritor of the Abrahamic Covenants of the Old Testament. 

What most “pastors” do not understand is that the “church” i.e., the Ekklesia, comes out of Israel, just as in the Old Testament, there was a called-out Assembly out of Israel, so too is there a called-out Assembly in the New Testament called the Ekklesia. 

According to Stephen in Acts 7:38, there was a “Church in the wilderness.”  That so-called “Church in the wilderness” was Israel in the wilderness, after having been led out of Egypt (a type of the world) by YAHWEH.  Most Pastors refuse to accept this, but here it is in black and white! 

So, too, will YAHSHUAH lead us out of the world very soon, when the Rapture/Resurrection happens.  He will gather His Wheat into His Barn, while the Tares are collected and burned forever.  Please see Matthew 13… According to Jeremiah 31:31, Behold the days are coming, saith the Lord, when I will make a New Covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah, and according to Hebrews 8:8, For finding fault with them, He saith, BEHOLD, THE DAYS COME, SAITH THE LORD, WHEN I WILL MAKE A NEW COVENANT WITH THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL AND WITH THE HOUSE OF JUDAH

So, who are the Old Testament (Covenant) and the New Testament (Covenant) made with and addressed to?  The House of Israel and The House of Judah!  No one else!  Remember what YAHWEH said in Amos 3:2:  Of all the tribes of the Earth, I acknowledge none but you (ISRAEL).

Hence, the Prophets only addressed The House of Israel and The House of Judah…Very simple you would think! However, most of today’s Babylonian Priesthood/Churchianity refuse to accept the secular historical position with regard to the House of Israel and the House of Judah, and who they are today.

These people groups, which the Prophets, as well as YAHWEH and YAHSHUAH addressed, still exist today. However, these people are all mixed-up and known by different names today, but they DO exist.  The question then becomes, is the Bible for us today literally or only to be used as a moral compass?  The answer might surprise you as read this book…  

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