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Welcome to my Media page. Here you will find all my interviews, podcasts, and videos. Past and present.

I hope you find these interviews enlighting, insightful and maybe just a little challenging. 
Mainstream they are not! And they certainly will not ‘tickle your ears’.
But they are the truth, extracted from the undiluted, original Word of God.
And as we all know, THE TRUTH is never comfortable. But it will always set you free.

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Interview with Dr TenPenny

4 Part Series | February 2024

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Prophecy is playing out right in front of us today – and it’s not what you think!

In this four-part Eschatological series we take a deep dive through history, starting at the birth of the Adamic Race, the genealogy of Adam; how YAHWEH God set apart Israel as a peculiar nation, right through to the Davidic Line, and the Division of the Kingdom of Israel into the two Houses: The House of Israel (10 Northern Tribes) and The House of Judah (2 Southern Tribes). We continue through the Assyrian captivity (745-721 B.C.) to who they are today and who the true descendants of the House of Israel really are. In the light of history, we unpack Old and New Testament prophecies as they relate to us today. You will be surprised at to where we truly are in Bible Prophecy – the Final Conflict.

Interview with Ron Powers

THE DAILY PAUSE | April 2024

The History of Revelation, and the Revelation of History. We just kicked off an exciting new series, unpacking the long tried and true Historicist view of the Book of Revelation. A view once held by all of the reformers – only to be later eclipsed by a the pope’s Jesuits interpretation that crept into Protestant seminaries and popularised by movies like Left Behind.
Join us today as we begin to lay the ground work to understanding The book of Revelation.

All Roads Lead to Babylon: Religious scholar Justin Prock PhD and Lee Merritt MD discuss the history and symbolism of the Babylonians. Unpacking the current ‘reigning’ spirit of Babylon and its relationship to current events.

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