Our English Heritage

This book came about as I was teaching English and Culture at Pyeongtaek University.
Over the years, I have revised the content, and when I came to the Christian Israelite Message of
the Bible, I included it in materials for the students. It basically connected the dots, so to speak.

In this book, I cover our history as the true ancestors of the original Israelites, especially
the House of Israel, who was kicked out of the land by Father YAHWEH, Who used the
Assyrians from 745 to 721 B.C. to displace them. Eventually, the Assyrians took all 10 Tribes of
the Northern Kingdom, as well as most of the Southern Kingdom during this time period.
This is where secular history picks up the story of our ancestors, and where they
eventually landed. The majority of the Tribes are currently located in the nation-states of
Europe, with Ephraim in The British Empire and Manasseh in the American Empire.
As anyone with a knowledge of Bible Prophecy can see, our ancestors from Israel
basically settled the European Continent, the British Isles with its accompanying nations, as well
as North America.

In this book, I start with the racial identification of Biblical Israel, then use genealogical
charts and the ensigns of the 12 Tribes of Israel to prove who they are today. You can see the
ensigns all across Europe, The British Empire, and The American Empire. I use maps, which
show the migrations of Biblical Israel into Europe, along with their new names. I then cover the
racial identity of the “Jews,” in order to show that there is a distinction between Biblical Israel
and the so-called “Jews.”

Then, I prove that English is the main language that is used throughout the whole world
and use maps of the British Empire and the American Empire to show where our language and
culture went.

I then turn to The United States of America, and discuss its government, history, military
history, economic system, religious history, cultural history, and then I discuss how cultural
Marxism has infected our country using the Counterculture Movement of the 1960’s. I move on
to our modern medical history, as well as our conspiratorial history, which, like it or not, is
actually the untold history of our country as well as the Western world. Finally, I discuss
YAHWEH’s judgment on nations and how you should prepare for what is coming down the
pike. On a personal note, I would get right with Father YAHWEH immediately!
This book is over 1,700 pages, which, of course, was too much to publish, which is why I
chose to just upload the PDF file to my website for free.