My People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge:

Lies The Babylonian Priesthood Tell Their Congregations

I have been a Bible Believer of The Way for a long time, have visited many denominational and non-denominational churches in my time, and have heard many a sermon preached within those so-called churches.  And trust me, to this day, even Star Wars, which is pantheism, has made it into the church.  Who would have thought?

I have had many discussions with my mentor Pastor Bob Boyens with regard to these topics, which we are about to discuss.  Fair warning:  we are both very conservative Christians with an open mind to question “Orthodoxy.”  Just a fair warning in advance…

It wasn’t until I started my Biblical education in 2003 at You Turn For Christ in Perris, California, that I started asking the following hard questions.  For example,

With regard to astronomy, which is true: YAHWEH’s Geocentric Universe as described in the Bible or The Jesuits’ Counter-Reformation Heliocentric Universe?  Are there still sun worshippers among us today, even in the church?  Why do they have Easter/Ishtar Sunrise Service?

With regard to the various races mentioned in the Bible, which one did The LORD GOD (YAHWEH) form, and which one is the Bible about only?  With regard to the race(s), did everyone come from Adam?  Remember, kind after kind in Genesis 1?  How many times is that phrase stated in Genesis 1?  Was Genesis 1 about “hue” man in general and Genesis 2 about “Adamic” man only?

With regard to seed lines, are there two physical seed lines, i.e., the seed of the woman and the seed of the Nachash, or is the seed of the woman physical and the seed of the Nachash spiritual?

With regard to the “Chosen Race,” which race was “chosen” by YAHWEH and through whom?  Was it Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, i.e., The Nations of Christian Jacob/Israel or is it the Israeli Jewish State of Esau/Edom today?  Which group believes in YAHSHUAH as the Messiah NOW? 

With regard to Bibliology, is the Bible Israel-centric only or is it made up of Israel, the Jews, Gentiles and the Church as taught by Dispensationalists?  I defined these terms in my previous books, but we will condense the material.

With regard to the Law, should we be following YAHWEH’s or Man’s?  Was the Law really nailed to the Cross? Or just the Ordinances?

With regard to our food and health laws, are we following YAHWEH’s natural (clean) ways or Mystery Babylon’s Genetical Modified Organisms (GMOs) and pharmaceutical (unclean) ways?  By the way, the term for sorcery, is the Greek word, pharmakia, from which we get our word pharmacy, i.e., pharmaceuticals, which just happens to be the first major cause of death in the world.

With regard to the Gospel being preached today, are we preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that YASHUAH preached or The Social Gospel that the modern church preaches?  Also, with regard to the Kingdom of God/Heaven, is it still Israel that is the Kingdom of God/Heaven, or has the baton been passed to the so-called multi-racial Church?

With regard to Ecclesiology, the study of church doctrine, are we worshipping YAHWEH/YAHSHUAH of the Bible, or are we worshipping another Christ?  How did Christianity become corrupted?

With regard to Eschatology, which Eschatological Interpretation is the most honest to use with regard to the prophetic books of the Bible, Preterism, Historicism, Futurism and/or Idealism?

With regard to Eschatology, who are the real players?

With regard to calendars, do we use YAHWEH’s Calendar, the Pope’s and/or Muhammad’s Calendar?  How can we tell the season of YAHSHUAH’s Return?  Where are we in the Biblical Timeline?

With regard to Bible Versions, which one is the true Bible to use today, The Greek Septuagint with the Aramaic and/or Greek New Testament or the King James Bible and all the other Bibles based on the Masoretic Text?  Which languages are the truly inspired Words of God, the Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew, or has English replaced them?  Is King James ONLYISM a cult?

         Where are you on these subjects/topics?  Have you formed an opinion, or have you just relied on your Babylonian Priesthood to answer these questions for you?  Or, even worse, have you ever heard a sermon preached on any of these topics?  If you want to know the truth on these subjects, then please read on…BUT, in the end, you are going to have to decide once and for all, are you really going to believe what YAHWEH and the Bible teach on these matters or dismiss what YAHWEH and the Bible teach and follow what modern Babylonian culture teaches?  This is your choice ultimately…