Thinking Out Loud

January 9, 2023

1. Jesus said He would pull His Wheat into His Barn.

When is Wheat Harvested?

Spring Wheat is harvested in Mid-April.

Winter Wheat is harvested in September-December.

How is it harvested?

Wheat must be threshed. (Tribulation?)

After harvesting wheat to obtain the grain, Milling or Pounding is needed to remove the husks.

Upon Threshing, the chaff breaks up, releasing the grains.

2. When are Grapes Harvested?

In the Northern Hemisphere: From July to September

In the Southern Hemisphere: From February to April

3. The LORD God created The Ten Tribed House of Israel

Could Satan corrupt this and create a Beast with 10 Horns?

4. The LORD God created The Two Tribed House of Judah

Could Satan corrupt this and create a Beast with 2 Horns?

5. The LORD God only gave HIS WORD to the Children of Israel.

So, only send missionaries to “ISRAEL,” not to the HEATHEN?

6. Satan’s Major Plan:

To get the Adamic Race to mix with the HEATHEN.

7. The Beast System:

No one can buy or sell unless they have:

The Mark

The Image

The Number


U.S./OPEC Oil ONLY sold for U.S. Dollars Worldwide

During the “Pandemic,” only those who took the “vaxx” could travel, entertain, etc.

8. As things unfold, it will be easier to connect the dots. When Messiah was coming the first time, everyone knew thanks to the SEPTUAGINT VERSION OF THE OLD TESTAMENT.

9. Fasting Months:

10th Month: December/January

10th Tevet: Walls Surrounded

4th Month: June/July

17th Tammuz: Walls Broken Through

5th Month: July/August

9th Av: Temple Destroyed (TWICE)

7th Month: September/October

1st Tishri: Gedaliah Murdered

10. The Whole World or The Land that YAHWEH is speaking of?

H8398 Tebel: The Earth

H776 Erets: The Land

11. “Come Up Here”:

Moses to Mt. Sinai

John to Heaven

12. Psalm 137: The children of Edom = The daughter of Babylon?

13. The Daughter of Babylon vs. The Son of Perdition?

14. “Beware of False Christs”

“Christ” means “Anointed One”

Does that mean False Anointed or Chosen People?

15. Un-ripened Figs = Springtime

Passover = Be Clothed, Stay Up and Be Ready

Which watch of the night?

16. IF we are the called-out ones, can Jesus take our candlestick away?

17. Are the 7 Ecclesias types of individuals as well?

18. The word “Religion” in the Greek = “Superstition”

19. The “Time” for Pastors is OVER:

We have everything we need to translate the Bible for ourselves.

We have the technology.

We have the Apps.

We have the Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek.

Just like God said would happen.

So, COME OUT OF HER (MYSTERY BABYLON) MY PEOPLE (LAOS in the Greek which always refers to the People of Israel, i.e., YAHWEH’s People)!

20. Proverbs 9:10

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and

The council of the Saints is understanding;

For to know the law is the character of a sound mind.

21. How is “Money” defined?

Gold: The money of Kings

Silver: The money of Gentlemen

Barter: The money of Peasants

Debt: The money of Slaves

22. Judas: The Treasurer in charge of the money

He dipped into it and spent it

The Son of Perdition betrayed The Son of God/Man

He committed suicide and went to his own place.

That Man of Sin is called The Son of Perdition.

See II Thessalonians 2:3 and John 19:11

23. Madonna with eye patch on the left eye depicting the deadly head wound in her new music video.

24. B’nai B’rith is a Freemasonic Lodge and is the Sponsor/Creator of the ADL.

25. According to Psalm 106:9: The LORD God rebuked the Red Sea.

According to Mark 4:39: Jesus Christ rebuked the Great Sea.

26. Confucius stated: “When words lose their meaning, people will lose their liberty.”

What do you think???

27. Double Deception? “Israel” and “Aliens”

28. The Law was given on Pentecost at Mt. Sinai: 3,000 lives lost

The Holy Spirit was given on Pentecost: 3,000 lives saved

29. Jesus Christ: Who Is/Who Was/Who Is To Come

The Scarlet Beast: Who Was/And Is Not/And Is Expected To Ascend From The Bottomless Pit

30. Daniel 7/Revelation 17

The Lion: 1 Head

The Bear: 1 Head

The Leopard: 4 Heads

The Beast with 10 Horns, Iron Teeth, Brass Claws: 1 Head (Deadly Head Wound)

IF Hasmonean Dynasty, i.e. Esau/Edom/Jewry Rebirthed – Everyone Marveled after The Beast

TOTAL: 7 Heads (Concurrent Empires and then Conglomeration)

31. Judah “Israel”: Was/And is not at time of John’s Revelation in 96 A.D./And

Came Back to Life in 1948 This Generation Shall Not Pass..

32. Judah “Israel” controls:

All world banks but 3 countries (Iran, NK, Cuba)

All Media/Communications

Catholicism, Sunni Islam, and Christianity, especially Christian Zionism

All Education (especially Holocaust History)

True Israel’s (U.S.A./U.K.) Foreign Policy


Do they already control the other 3 Empires for The Greater Israel Project?

33. Daniel 2:

The Statue (Kingdom of Man):

Gold: Babylon

Silver: Medo-Persia

Brass: Greece

Iron: Rome

Iron Mixed (Arab) with Clay: Rome with Islam

(4 Consecutive Empires)

Brass/Iron: Greco/Roman Empire

Iron Mixed with Clay: Roman/Islamic Empire

The Stone (Kingdom of God): True Israel Takes Over the Whole World

34. Surface Christians:

Those Christians who only read the surface of the Bible.

They don’t study the original languages of the Bible.

35. There are Religious Fanatics in:

Israel:  Zionists

Tehran, Iran: Shi’ites

Washington, D.C.: Political and Evangelical Zionists

The Israeli Zionists: Foolishly think that they are going to rebuild the Davidic Kingdom of the Old Testament, along with the Temple.

The Iranian Shi’ites (Twelvers): Think that IF they can defeat “Israel,” they can bring their Mahdi back.

TheChristian” Zionists in the U.S.: Think that if they help the Jew reconquer all the land, that this will bring Jesus Christ back.

36. Iranians view:

America as The Great Satan (The Beast with 10 Horns?)

Israel as The Little Satan (The Beast with 2 Horns?)

Things to Think About and Ponder…