Charles Thomson 4 Volume Old and New Testament Set Translated from the Greek – 1808 Edition

December 22, 2022

The Septuagint Bible is the oldest Old Testament, which had never before been made available to the general public in America until Charles Thomson published his version of it in 1808. The Septuagint Bible is the oldest version of the Old Testament in existence and is The Bible that was used, read, and quoted from by Yahshuah (Jesus the Christ) and His Apostles. The Septuagint Bible explains those passages in the New Testament which are quoted from the Old Testament.

Only the Septuagint Bible can supply those portions of the text that have been lost. The Septuagint Bible is not a restoration; it is an actual ancient text, based on pre-Christian Hebrew manuscripts which are no longer in existence, and were translated into Greek three-centuries before the first parousia (coming) of Yahshuah.

This English translation of the Septuagint Bible was made by Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress of the United States (1774-1789) and one of the founding fathers of The United States of America. Thomson, one of the great Greek scholars of his time and a friend of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, devoted 20 years of his life, from the age of 60 to 80, to this translation. The “Thomson Bible” was first published in 1808.

The original Greek Text (Codex Vaticanus B) which Thomson used in making his translation was printed in the so-called “Sixtine” edition, a basic text published at Rome under the authority of Pope Sixtus the Fifth, and later reprinted at Cambridge, England in 1665.

Here’s the link for the Old Testament (Volume I: Genesis – I Kings):

Here’s the link for the Old Testament (Volume II: II Kings – Psalms):

Here’s the link for the Old Testament (Volume III: Proverbs – Malachi):

Here’s the link for the New Testament (Volume IV: Matthew – Revelation):

I personally have a set of these at home that I now use everyday for my daily reading, as well as my research.