Teaching Milk

March 15, 2023

I had a former pastor friend of mine state to me that we live in the times of the spirit of stupidity.  The only way that I could identify with him was that he was still teaching milk, not meat, to chew on.  I think that we can all agree that people are like sheep; but beware.  You have free will and thus can make the correct choice if you choose to study to show thyself approved unto God.  IF not, then follow the sheep…over the edge with the pigs.

Something I came to realize was that the Israelites YAHWEH used were shepherds.  Think about it, what does a shepherd do?  He shepherds the flock and makes sure that none are lost.  Hence, by the time Jesus the Christ is on the scene, He leaves the 99 to rescue the 1.  He doesn’t leave anyone behind, as we should!

Drinking milk gets oneself in trouble, but chewing on meat (the Word of God), will not!  Milk is a liquid and flows wherever it may; whereas meat, is a solid and one chews on that whether physically or metaphorically.  IF we take the time to chew and meditate on God’s Word, then we will be better stewards of what God has for us to do.