Reiner Fuellmich and His Corona Investigative Committee Interviewing Attorney Todd Callendar

December 22, 2022

Hi Everyone!

Here’s the link to an awesome interview with the German Attorney, Reiner Fuellmich, and his Corona Investigative Committee interviewing Attorney Todd Callender:

This is a must watch for those of you who voluntarily took the “jab.”

Here are the major points made by Attorney Todd Callender:

Check out the U.S. Supreme Court Case:
Association For Molecular Pathology et al. v. Myriad genetics, Inc. et al. at this link:

Pay close attention to page 6…

According to this case, which is “good law,” people who have take the mRNA shots are “chattle property.”
Thus, this “chattle property” are no longer considered “human,” and do not have any “human rights.”
Ownership of the “chattle property” belongs to the company which produced the mRNA shots, i.e. Moderna and Phizer.
All the base compounds in the “shots” create Graphene Hydroxide, which can be controlled by cell phone signal.

Graphene is:
Extraordinarily conductive with a signal of 2 GHz = “human battery”
Single most durable metal on this planet.
It is self-assembling when one adds an electrical charge to it.
It self-assembles and becomes an electric circuit.

CRISPR Technology = Gene Deletion Therapy, i.e.:
1P36 Gene Deletion Syndrome
VMAP 2 – the “God” Gene
PAX5 – the “Spirituality” Gene

Please check out CONPLAN 8888 at this link:

We are in a “Phase 3” Clinical Trial. Why the 4th, 5th, and 6th “shots”?
To destroy the person’s immune system, thus to introduce the new “HIV Vaccine” and
To require monthly shots in order to stay alive, i.e. software updates.

Please check out the following website for more information: