Quenching the Spirit

February 25, 2023
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I Thessalonians 5:19 states, Quench Not The Spirit!  That’s a command, NOT a request!  Do you really want to know why people are staying home from the Babylonian-Priesthood churches?  It’s because they have come into contact with the Spirit of Stupidity within the walls of these so-called churches.

According to The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, the Greek word for quench is Strong’s No. 4570, sbennumi, which means to extinguish, go out, quench.

According to The Complete Word Study Dictionary – New Testament, the Greek word, sbennumi, means to dampen, hinder, repress, as in preventing the Holy Spirit from exerting His full influence as in accordance with I Thessalonians 5:19.

In today’s Babylonian churches, where everything is organized down to the nth degree, the service ends up being nothing but a dog and pony show.  In my book, Why Did YAHWEH and His Son, YAHSHUAH, Say What They Said?, I talked about what is wrong with today’s so-called Evangelical Christian churches.  The Spirit is quenched.  Period.  End of subject.  That simple.

I was reading an article, and for the life of me, I can’t remember where I put it, but it basically stated that you will not find any True Israelites inside of these so-called Babylonian churches.  Why?  Because they know that the truth is not being preached there, so they stay home, and worship at home and/or have home fellowships, i.e., ekklesias, where the Spirit is not quenched.

You see in the New Testament Ekklesia, (not church), all the men and women had a gift of the Spirit, and it was used when the True Believers got together to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  They met whenever the Spirit prompted them, much like I do today.  I invite people over for fellowship and we all know why we are gathering together.  We share a meal and share what Jesus did for us on this occasion.

Anything else is pure nonsense and just a show of what man can do for entertainment, and that is what church has become today – religious entertainment!