Don’t Rewrite the Bible…

April 15, 2023

Before being called a “heretic,” people ALWAYS say “stop rewriting the Bible.”  Why?  Because it makes them very uncomfortable to learn what the etymology of the major words mean in the Bible.  For example, what do the following words mean: “Adam,” “People,” “Nation,” “Gentile,” “Jew,” “Israel,” “Church,” and “Anointed.”?

IF you have read my books, you will know what those words truly mean according to Bible dictionaries, Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary Of The English Language, Oxford’s Dictionary of Etymology, Baker’s and Carpenter’s The Complete Word Study Old Testament, and Zodhiates’ The Complete Word Study New Testament, as well as other Original Language Lexicons.

IF we do not understand what these basic words mean, then everything else will be misinterpreted and totally misunderstood for us.  We MUST be willing to open up our minds to FATHER YAHWEH and our LORD and SAVIOR YAHSHUAH.