The Cepher or “Cepher Bible”  or Cephar Bible is a comprehensive restoration of sacred scripture. It is said to be  “missing” books, phrases, and chapters back into the Bible.  The collection in the Eth Cepher (pronounced et’ sef’-er) in 87 books. 

We could be adding to our collection here on this page from time to time.

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CEPHER | Psalms-151-155-Supplement-3ER2.1.pdf


Psalm 151 – A thanksgiving of David

I WAS the youngest among my brethren and a youth in my father’s house. I used to feed my father’s flock and I found a lion and a wolf and slew them and rent them. 2 My hands made a flute and my fingers fashioned a harp. 3 Who will show me my Adonai? He, my Adonai, is become my Elohiym. 4He sent his Angel and took me away from my father’s flock and anointed me with the oil of anointing. 5 My brethren, the fair and the tall, in them Yahuah had no pleasure. 6 And I went forth to meet the Pelishtiy, and he cursed me by his idols. 7 But I drew his sword and cut off his head, and took away the reproach from the children of Yashar’el

    CEPHER | The-Missing-Fragment-of-70-Verses.pdf

    The Missing Fragment
    4 Ezra, Chapter 7

    36 Then the pit of torment shall appear, and opposite it shall be the place of rest; and the furnace of She’ol shall be disclosed, and opposite it the paradise1 of delight. 37 Then El Elyon will say to the nations that have been raised from the dead: Look now, and understand whom ye have denied, whom ye have not served, whose commandments ye have despised! 38 Look on this side and on that; here are delight and rest, and there are fire and torments! Thus, he will speak to them on the day of judgment. 39 A day that has no sun or moon or stars, 40 or cloud or thunder or lightning or wind or water or air, or darkness or evening or morning, 41 or summer or spring or heat or winter or frost or cold or hail or rain or dew, 42 or noon or night, or dawn or shining or brightness or light, but only the splendour of the glory of El Elyon, by which all shall see what has been determined for them. 43 For it will last for about a week of years. 44 This is my judgment and its prescribed order; and to you alone have I shown these things. 45 I answered and said: O Yahuah Tseva’oth, I said then and I say now: Blessed are those who are alive and guard your commandments!

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    CEPHER | MAPS.pdf

    Selection of stunning maps:

    The dispersion of the sons of Noah

    The Exodus of Israel

    Migration of the house of Zerach

    Land Grants of the Thirteen Tribes

    The kingdom of David

    The Two Kingdoms following the death of Shalomah

    The first exile of Israel

    Migration of the house of Gad

    Migration of the house of Dan

    The exiles of Judah

    Regions of Ancient Greece

    The kingdom of the Makkabiym

    The Seben Assemblies of Chizayon 


    Cepher Bible Map Israel

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