An Open Letter to Americans – While You Were Sleepwalking…

January 8, 2023

While you were sleepwalking, you saw evil all around, but did not recognize it. You heard deception, but did not seek truth. You smelled the stench of death, but did not mourn.

You proclaimed, “I am proud to be an American.” You were told we must fight evil. You were told we must defeat those who would harm us. You were told these things, and more, from the mouths of liars who speak those words about themselves.

You were told that we are the greatest nation on earth, the most righteous, the chosen, the Light of the World. “God bless America,” you proclaimed, but your ignorance has blinded you and your apathy has hidden from you that which America has become and now is. Some will realize, but too late, that America is changed forever from what the founders envisioned. The great opportunity to create a nation principled in the knowledge of the truth that each individual has supremely endowed rights that cannot be subjugated by groups of people. The naked truth that is now revealed is that America is but another worldly empire intent on destruction, principled on greed, principled on hatred, principled on lust, principled on deceit, clothed in the deceptive cloak of righteousness, while rotting from within while holding hostage the willing and unwilling.

America exhorts and deceives those from whom it is made while punishing and ostracizing those among the many who remain outspoken while vigilant.
America the whore, America the ruthless beast of darkness, as the sheep are led to slaughter, so you will be among their numbers in the millions.
You are one of the mob of those who, like you, were lulled to sleep by the empty promise of gratification, by the false promise of riches and comfort, incited by visions of far-away conquerors while ignoring the cries of the vanquished.
You are fearful of suffering and without dignity fostering indifference and intolerance. You were told countless lies by those whom you believe are righteous. You who are content to sleepwalk in comfort and dream of the possibilities of profit and entertainment.
You accept lies as truth, injustice as justice, wealth as prosperity, and slavery as freedom. You slumber in your righteousness not remembering nor caring about what is freedom, not knowing justice, nor knowing truth.

Death is your mantra. Your eyes have been blinded. Your ears have been deafened. Your heart has been hardened and you cannot see your own tomorrow even for the sake of the ones that will come after you.

The fruit has fallen away and spoiled with decay and now the tree bears no fruit for as the caretakers sleep, the tree withers, and becomes lifeless. With the passing of time, your children will awaken, and when their suffering becomes too great to bear, then they will cry out, “I see the evil, I hear the deception, I smell the stench of death. I seek the truth, I seek justice, I seek freedom.”

But for them, the struggle to escape from the bondage you have willfully left as their inheritance will be their misery. Faint memories and haunting ghosts of Freedom will be of no consequence. It will be your progeny’s struggle to regain that which was lost by the complacency of their forefathers. They will know in their hearts that they are worthy of the Freedom that many before them had denied and forgotten. They will know that they are deserving of more than what they have been born into.

So, it came to pass, while you were sleepwalking…