According to Your Theology

December 22, 2022

I apologize for my absence. I just finished my third book and am working on the title right now.

Anyway, during this absence, I had a conversation with a friend from a former church that I had attended with regard to eschatology, and he did not appreciate and/or like my point of view, which of course, is based on the original languages of the Bible. Anyone who has read and/or is reading my previous two books would know that everything is based on the Bible, NOT my opinion.

However, this discussion on eschatology ended by him saying to me, “According to your theology…” At the time, I really didn’t know how to respond to that. But, after much thought, a Mark Twain quote came to mind. Twain stated that it would not prudent to get into any arguments with any stupid people simply for the fact that they would bring you down to their level and beat you, because they have had more experience at it. I wish that I had thought of that at that time to respond to this person. Oh well!

Please feel free to use the same quote the next time you have an intelligent discussion with someone who is not as informed as you are…and then, watch them meltdown…LOL!